Meet Evelio

Born to Hunt Firearms is owned and operated by Evelio Villarreal, a highly experienced and passionate hunter for over 35 years. Evelio is dedicated to ensuring that his clients achieve success in their hunting pursuits by providing them with top-quality firearms that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. He takes great pride and care in delivering exceptional service and is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of his work. The testimonials from Evelio’s satisfied customers speak volumes about the quality and accuracy of his products and services, and the level of satisfaction his clients experience.

Hunting is our Passion

Evelio began hunting in 1990. He and his friends enjoy hunting deer and wild boar. He looks forward to hunting big game, for example elk, in the near future. He started Born to Hunt Firearms, LLC in 2020 to share his passion with others.

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